By Jack "Jackie Peanuts" Moore | 02/25/21

Player Pages

Every player in our database will have a page detailing their tournament results and head to heads. With the launch of the open beta, we are proud to introduce Badges, a new system to help you track your own or your favorite player's Smash achievements. For a breakdown on the Badges and how they work, check out this article.
The first data section on a player's page is dedicated to charts and graphs covering the character and stage preferences of the player and their opponents. Character and Stage tabs will allow you to drill deeper into the data, and a minimum games filter will allow you to weed out any noisy data like a set where two players agreed to pick random characters.
The next section is another one focused on graphs, this time covering placements and win rates in bracket. We also have a couple of new statistics: Seed Performance Rating (SPR) and Upset Factor (UF). For now, you can think of SPR as a new way of measuring a player's performance relative to their seed and UF as a way of measuring the magnitude of an upset based on the players' seeds. For a further explanation on these statistics, please read the Introduction to SPR and UF here.
As you continue down the page, you will see a detailed tournament history. By hovering over the W and Ls on the right side, you can see a brief summary of each individual match. Click the + on the far right and you can expand the tournament and see each individual set in full. If you see another + on an individual set, you can click that to see stage, stock count and VoD data, if it exists.
The final section on the player pages is the current home of Head-To-Head comparisons. The list will automatically fill in with the player's most common opponents, but you can use the search bar at the top to find specific opponents. Click the + to expand and see further set data like stage, stock count and the link to the VoD page, if applicable. We are planning to build a dedicated head-to-head search page, but for now, unfortunately, you will have to navigate to a player page in order to search for head-to-head matchups.
Every section on this page will be impacted by your choices in the filter bars on the far left. By default, these will be set to display PGR events only, but you can use the filters to show all tournaments or tournaments of specific tiers (S/A/B/C), limit the tournaments displayed by number of entrants, limit by season (for Ultimate, we're using "Season 3" to refer to every event since the end of PGRU Season 2, which we will revisit once offline events return), limit to results against ranked players, or toggle between online-only, offline-only, or both.

VoD Pages

Each VoD page will include a set summary including stage and stock count data. You can click on the + in the upper right corner of the summary to expand and see the full VoD. Each individual game will have a play button which you can click to instantly go to that game's timestamp in the VoD. At the bottom of the page you will see three related videos. See an example of what you'll find on the VoD Pages below (click the + to expand).


See all our previous rankings, including SSBMRank/MPGR, PGR, PGRU, PGRZ and PGRMK, with more to come.

Tournament Pages (In Development)

Tournament pages will feature four main views. First, an easy-to-use standard bracket view, which will include character and VoD data when applicable. Using the drop-down boxes above the bracket, you can change which phase of bracket, and, for earlier stages of brackets, which pool or wave you want to view. The table view will lay things out set-by-set. Using the drop-downs above, you can again sort by bracket phase and pool or wave. We envision this view as being the easiest one to use if you're trying to track a specific player. There is a Players dropdown that will allow you to select from popular players and keep multiple players selected at once. Next to that is a player search that will allow you to find anyone you want. Whether you select one player or many, the table view will display only the games from the players you want to see. The standings view will simply show the standings, accompanied by a quick player search and filter. Theoretically, you could use this to do something like make a list of the results for everybody from your region who attended a specific tournament. Finally, the tournament pages will include summaries of character data for the tournament. Expanding the character summary lines on this page will allow you to see who played the character in the tournament and, if we have VoDs in the database, easily access them.

Character Pages (In Development)

Similar to the player pages, charts and graphs will allow you to track how characters perform over time. As we develop PandaCV, this page will develop to include heatmaps and other graphics that will help interpret not just what characters are successful, but what kind of habits help those characters win.
Below that, you will be able to see the latest content—VoDs, and, once we start publishing regular content, articles, podcasts, and videos as well.
Next, you'll be able to see the highest ranked players with the character, with easy access to their VoDs as well.
Finally, our Meta Rank section will used advanced data analysis to rank characters on a regular basis based on tournament results. This section is still in development, so stay tuned for more updates.
Did we miss anything? Looking for something and not sure where to find it? We're available for questions in the PGstats Discord, or you can submit feedback through this Google Form: