MPGR Early 2022: Hub and FAQ

By Andrew "PracticalTAS" Nestico | 08/09/22

Have questions about MPGR Summer 2022? Hopefully the answers you want are here!

When are the rankings being released?
As stated here, MPGR Summer 2022 will be releasing as follows:
Tuesday, August 9: Area 51 + 50-31
Wednesday, August 10: 30-11
Thursday, August 11, 3 PM ET: Top 10 + Full Video Release
How does the panel process work?
A panel of top players, TOs, and analysts were asked to rate eligible players in their region based on the following prompt:
Based on quality and quantity of results from March 1, 2022 to July 11, 2022, rate each player on a scale of 10.0 (best) to 4.0. Who performed the best at offline events over the course of the season?
You may give the benefit of the doubt to players who attended more events during the ranking period.
You are expected to consider their results at regionals and majors.
You may consider their results at out-of-region events.
You may consider their results at serious invitationals, but keep in mind that players who qualified for reasons other than merit received an opportunity they otherwise may not have gotten.
You may consider their results at locals ONLY IF they lack sufficient data for you to make an informed judgement without local results.
59 players in total were eligible, and each panelist gave players a rating between 10.0 and 4.0. Panelists were also allowed to abstain from scoring a particular candidate if they felt they did not know enough about them; this had no effect on the player’s final score, but if enough panelists did not rate a player, they would be disqualified (this did not happen for any players on any list this time around).
Panelists’ scores were then normalized for consistency, and each player’s final score was calculated using what is essentially a weighted average, with higher weights given to an individual rating the closer it is to the interquartile mean of the given player’s scores.
What were the eligibility requirements for the list?
The minimum eligibility requirement was either 2 major events or 1 major event and 2 regional events in North America. As requested and voted on by the panelists themselves, panels were able to take into account a player’s results from other continents; so, for example, Professor Pro’s European results were considered by the panel.
What regions are represented on the panel?
The panel consists of North American and European panelists, to properly account for the significant presence of players from both continents on the list. One Australian also voted, bringing the total to 8 countries across 3 continents represented.
Who are the panelists?
Joshua "Joshman" Lyras (Australia)
Kyle "Zedreo" Hrycak (Canada - Alberta)
Jacob "Faust" Fischer (Canada - Ontario)
Joshua "Mosh" Wood (Canada - Ontario)
Blake "Zuppy" Burnham (Canada - Ontario)
Axel "Acke" Åberg (Finland)
Ernesto "Metakill" Salazar (México - Sonora)
Wout "Noxxa" van Poppel (Netherlands)
Linus "Pipsqueak" Nordin (Sweden)
Tristan "Reverb" Jakobsen (Sweden)
Caspar "Moby" van der Sman (United Kingdom)
Nick "Nickemwit" Whittier (USA - California)
Quinn "Kaiju" Wallace (USA - Colorado)
Kyle "Krudo" Krudo (USA - Florida)
Michael "Wills" Wills (USA - Georgia)
Anokh "EdwinBudding" Palakurthi (USA - Massachusetts)
Matt "bambi" Deslatte (USA - New Jersey)
Justin "DarkGenex" Cohen (USA - New York)
Melissa Blight (USA - New York)
Jon "Rococo" Miller (USA - Oregon)
Dylan "Dawson" Dougherty (USA - Pennsylvania)
Brendan "GimmeDatWheat" Malone (USA - Pennsylvania)
Preston "Tuesday" Smith (USA - Texas)
Eryk "Ambisinister" Banatt (USA - Maryland/Virginia)
Diego "Cool Lime" Wheat (USA - Virginia)
Derek "Aura" Olsen (USA - Washington/Oregon)